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Percutaneous discectomy probe

Using Diskom, spine specialists can reduce pressure on the nerve root by removing disc nucleus with a totally percutaneous procedure, which is minimally invasive.


Diskom is made up of two elements: an access needle with both distal and side openings, and a titanium choclear tip for the mechanical removal of the nucleous polpous. The great advantage of this device is that the cochlea is tightly connected, so it is almost impossible for it to detach: this is an advantage that is surely a unique feature of this system.



  • Preserves the integrity of the disc ring

  • Rapid rehabilitation

  • Total procedure time: 10 to 15 minutes

  • Up to 2 cc of disc material collected

  • Collected material can be used for biopsy procedures

  • Available for lumbar and cervical spine

  • Fully disposable device

  • No other equipment required

  • No capital investment required

  • No thermal damage to the nerve roots

  • Percutaneous access → full MIS procedure

  • Fast recovery after treatment

  • Only local anesthesia required

  • Quick patient discharge


(8G, 11G & 13G)


Kyphotray is a minimally invasive system for kyphoplasty procedure to treat fractures, restore vertebral body height and reduce back pain.


Kyphotray 8G system allows to perform a Kyphoplasty procedure with a classic approach.



  • Minimally invasive surgery: patient recovers faster

  • Percutaneous: less invasive and less traumatic treatment

  • Cavity creation: minimized risk of cement leakage

  • Vertebral body height restoration

  • No metallic impants left in situ

  • Reduction in morbidity and fast functional recovery

  • From lower thoracic to lumbar vertebrae




VS-NEEDLE is intended to be used in Vertebroplasty procedures to inject cement into the vertebral body. If conservative treatment is not enought, cement augmentation procedure could be an effective treatment, reducing the risk of subsequent fractures.

Vertebroplasty is a very well established technique for treating back pain caused by severe osteoporosis or tumors with consequent loss of height or fracture of the vertebral body.

Vertebral compression fracture (VCF) refers to a break in any of the bones (vertebrae) of the spinal column. It usually occurs when the front of the vertebral body collapses, and may be caused by:

OSTEOPOROSIS: painful osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures without posterior wall involvement.
TRAUMA: painful vertebral compression fractures.
CANCER: treatment of osteolytic lesions located within the vertebral body with intact cortical shell.


  • All-metal version

  • Tip direction indicator

  • The enhanced design of the steel handle allows easy handling of the needle

  • Ergonomic grip

  • Aisi 304 stainless steel cannula and stylet

  • Bevel plus tip

Available Sizes:

Gauges: 11G – 13G – 15G

Lenght: 100 mm – 120 mm – 150 mm



The VP-NEEDLE is used in vertebroplasty procedures for injection of cement into the vertebral body. Vertebroplasty is a well-established technique for the treatment of back pain caused by severe osteoporosis or tumors with consequent loss of height or fracture of the vertebral body. Coaxial biopsy needle compatible with VP-NEEDLE available for vertebral biopsy.


If conservative treatment is not enough, the cement augmentation procedure may be an effective treatment, reducing the risk of subsequent fractures. 

Vertebral compression fracture (VCF) refers to a break in any of the bones (vertebrae) in the spine. It usually occurs when the front of the vertebral body collapses and can be caused by:

OSTEOPOROSIS: painful osteoporotic fractures due to vertebral compression without posterior wall involvement
TRAUMA: painful vertebral compression fractures
CANCER: treatment of osteolytic lesions located within the vertebral body with an intact cortical shell


  • Plastic handle

  • Ergonomic grip with locking system

  • Improved plastic cable design allows easy needle handling

  • Tip direction indicator

  • Aisi 304 stainless steel cannula and stylet

  • Bevel plus tip

Available Sizes:

Gauges: 11G – 13G – 15G

Lenght: 100 mm – 120 mm – 150 mm




Cementy Mixing System

The MIXY is a disposable device ideally suited for a homogeneous mixture of PMMA. Thanks to its small size, Mixy can be cooled to extend the working time of PMMA. MIXY is a completely closed system with zero emission when handling PMMA, beneficial for both patient and staff of the operating room. KCEM can be used in vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty treatments.



  • Mix PMMA components (polymer and monomer) in MIXY.

  • Shake MIXY to achieve the ideal viscosity according to the IFUs of PMMA cement.

  • Connect MIXY to the appropriate injection system and fill it up.




Meets all requirements for bone cements in spine surgery



  • Can be used for vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.

  • Approved for the increase of pedicle screws where the quality bone is poor, and in patients with osteoporosis or degenerative or neoplastic changes.

  • Short mixing time and quick application viscosity: the composition of the polymers guarantees a high initial cohesion and therefore reduces the risk of cement leak. After a short wait, the cement reaches the ideal viscosity for the application.

  • Long application time: both components (powder 24g and liquid 10ml) are quickly bonded to a homogeneous paste with adequate viscosity for percutaneous injection.

  • After a short mixing time, the surgeon has enough time to transfer BONE CEMENT to the application instruments followed long application time.

  • High radiopacity with 45% ZrO2: the addition of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) allows an optimal X-ray view of BONE CEMENT for safe use.

  • Good resistance to fatigue: the composition of BONE CEMENT can be used with suitable and approved PMMA cement application tools.




Cement delivery system



  • Compatible with low, medium bone cement and high viscosity.

  • Ergonomic handle.

  • 10 ml disposable syringe included.

  • Millimeter advance of the plunger, which allows a very precise and controlled cement injection.

  • Allows for quick and direct injection, just press the button on the handle and push the plunger.

  • Allows to quickly stop the flow of cement by turning the plunger 180º counterclockwise.



Kit for adipose tissue microfragmentation and purification

Lipo Stem Duo is a disposable closed-circuit kit for microfragmentation and purification of adipose tissue without any centrifugation and with minimal handling. The microfragmentation filtration system adipose tissue, maintaining its biological properties and maximizing the regenerative potential. The entire processing phase of the liposuctioned tissue takes place inside the device thanks to the continuous washing with saline solution. This allows to reduce cellular stress by eliminating any traumatic action that could damage the extracellular matrix and its essential trophic and anti-inflammatory function. The collection and processing bag is equipped with two filters:



  • The first microfragment filter breaks down the adipose tissue, while retaining the eventual fibrotic tissue.

  • The second denser mesh filter retains microgragmented adipose tissue that is washed with saline, eliminating all oily and blood residues that can cause inflammation of treated tissues.

  • The microfragmented and purified final product is an autologous adipose tissue that keeps the biological properties of the original tissue intact and can be easily injected even with very fine needles.



Bone marrow aspiration kit

Marrow Stem is an ALL-IN-ONE device able to aspirate a high qualitative Bone Marrow MSCs concentrate rich in mesenchymal stem cells, in one surgical session and with a simple and minimally invasive procedure.

The device is an innovative and effective regenerative solution capable of guaranteeing a short surgical time, avoiding any centrifugation, which normally takes at least 20 minutes. In addition, no dedicated staff or additional time is required to prepare and clean the machinery. Complications due to sterility are also minimized by eliminating all additional steps, which are potential sources of infection that must be treated; in fact, centrifugation systems require marrow aspirate outside the sterile field for processing and replantation.




Creeping Replacement

Creeping replacement is the process of remodeling an external bone. UNLUX allows the removal of a sample of osteomedullary nucleus from the iliac crest with low risk of infection and low invasiveness for the patient, obtaining an autologous bone graft with osteoconductive, osteoinductive properties and osteogenetic. This procedure can be further improved in combination with MARROW STEM: by mixing the selective aspirate of mesenchymal stromal cells with autologous bone pegs, in addition to any other bone substitute of animal origin, homologous or synthetic, the gradual replacement process will be accelerated. The result will therefore be an extremely strong graft, such as a vascularized graft, capable of achieving a very rapid rate of regeneration and being of high quality with an extremely high density.


  • Minimally invasive harvesting of intact bone pegs.

  • Low risk of infection for the patient.

  • Single access point.

  • Autologous bone graft with osteoconductive, osteoinductive and osteogenetic properties.

  • Very fast bone regeneration rate thanks to the combination of autologous bone dowels with the selective aspiration of mesenchymal stromal cells.

  • High quality bone and dense bone remodeling and mature. Restoration of the anatomy and function of the bone site.

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