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  • How to purchase?
    To purchase the products just contact one of the sales members. We will be very pleasant to help you. You can send an e-mail to or
  • How to get in touch to learn more about the products?
    - Some vídeos are available on the website. They explain in details how procedures occur. - Folders and company presentation are valuable tools that can assist you at all. - You can also contact our team for further questions and doubts.
  • For which area of surgery are the products indicated?
    Our products are indicated for the following specialties of: column, orthopedics and aesthetics. Our portfolio is grouped in that order: - Percutaneous Discectomy - Kyphoplasty Sytems - Vertebroplasty - Injection & Mixing Systems - Mesenchymal Stem Cells Systems
  • Which countries does KateMed is located?
    Katemed operates locally and globally through partners. We are currently located in Portugal and Brazil
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